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For those of us that iron our own clothes, we know that it is very important to have the right surface on which to mount them. It does not matter how skilled you are at ironing; if you are using a bad board, the quality of your work is going to be mediocre.

The 'right' ironing board will differ depending on several factors such as the size of space you are willing to part with, or the type of gametes you usually iron. The bottom line is that they will have a bearing on whether you have professional quality ironwork or not.

Many people have in recent times started using mounted boards rather than the traditional table design, as they are very economical on space. These products have very compact designs, and they occupy very little space, if any, for that matter.

Selecting the right mounted board has never been harder. This is because of the number of manufacturers of these products in the market today. You are spoilt for choice, and while in most cases this is normally a good thing, it can make the selection very difficult.

We have compiled a researched list of the best products in the market today, and they are:

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board List


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This is one of the most highly sought-after products in the market, and it is a great choice if you happen are looking for a board that is economical on space. This is ideal as its compact design means that it occupies virtually no space when it is not in use, making it ideal.

You will simply need to fold the board out of the area where it has been mounted and fold it back in place after use. The quality of the product is also a guarantee. It has been fitted with a 5-millimeter pad that allows for even dispersion of heat, and this will guarantee you high-quality ironwork.

This product works perfectly for both right-handed and left-handed users, as it rotates on a vertical plane, making it maneuverable and comfortable to use. The board is approximately 113 centimeters long, and this is compatible with gametes of all lengths.

You will be getting additional compartments where you can store your iron box alongside other items you might require to iron.


  • The compactness makes it ideal, as it can fit into virtually any space. This saves you room for other items.
  • The pad and cotton cover will allow even heat distribution on the surface as you iron for professional-quality work.
  • You will be getting a highly maneuverable device suited for both right and left-handed users.


  • The exterior of the board is roughly cut and not finished with great detail.
  • The paint peals off easily after some time.



This is one of the most preferred products in the market, thanks to the quality it has to offer. Many users also like this product very much as it is very easy to install, you can do it without having a professional to assist you.

The board does not occupy any space, as you simply need to hang it on your door. The device is highly compatible and can be used on most doors. The degree of the functionality on offer is also quite high, and the board is 106 centimeters long. You can use it with both large and small garments.

For those concerned about safety, this mounting board has a mechanism that locks immediately you fold it back up, and you shouldn't worry about it, causing injuries.


  • You will find the product very easy to install. The procedure is quite elementary.
  • The lock feature will guarantee you safety, especially if you happen to have children playing around.
  • The board can easily accommodate clothes of all sizes as it is large enough, and also compact.


  • Some users complain that the board bangs against the door when it is shut.
  • Users complain that the fabric padding is of poor quality,



This is among the most compact and space-saving options available in the market. This product folds twice, so you can be sure that it will occupy almost no space at all. You will also appreciate the product for the ease of installation, and you will not have to incur costs getting a professional to do it.

The maneuverability of the device is quite high. It offers full rotation on the vertical plane, making it excellent for both right and left-handed users. The covering of the board offers high resistance to heat and also assures you of good thermal dispersion on the surface of the board.

The dimensions of the board make it ideal for clothes of all sizes.


  • You will hardly find a board in the market that offers you the compactness of this degree. Since it folds twice, it occupies a very small space.
  • The maneuverability of this device will make it excellent for both right and left-handed users.
  • You will be saving on installation costs, as it is a very simple DIY process that anyone can follow.


  • There are concerns about the weight that is excreted on the walls.
  • The absence of a locking mechanism raises concerns about the safety of the board.



Where flexibility of usage is a concern, no other product will even come close to this one. This is essentially a board mounted atop a mobile storage compartment. You will be getting unparalleled flexibility with this excellent device.

The ironing board is collapsible, and its surface can be used for additional storage, then it is not in use. The frame of this product has been built to last as it is quite sturdy, and this increases the overall durability of the commodity.

The wheels are a bonus. It will assist you in moving your clothes from your laundry room once you are done ironing them.


  • This board bears the highest level of utility that you can find in the market today, and this makes it an excellent choice.
  • The wheels are a fine touch, they add a good degree of mobility to the board, and this makes it easier to move large amounts of laundry in just one trip.
  • The padding is quite thick and resistant to heat. It also ensures great thermal dispersion for good-quality ironwork.


  • It can be quite difficult to assemble; you will definitely need to hire a professional to put it together.
  • Some customers have complained about the wheels being wobbly and unstable.


SEI furniture

This is a really simple and practical design for an ironing board. It has excellent utility, and this makes it one of the most highly sought-after products in the market. You might easily mistake the product for just a mirror. This makes it so unique.

The product is quite sturdy, and it bears excellent quality; you can tell that a lot of detail had to be put into the creation of the device. The padding is thick and offers high resistance to heat, making it ideal for heavy-duty ironing.

You will be getting sizable storage compartments where you can store a variety of items, including your iron box, for easy access.


  • Many users love the design. It appears to be a mirror, but inside is a storage unit housing an entire ironing board.
  • The quality of its padding makes it ideal for heavy-duty ironing since it offers high heat resistance and good thermal distribution.
  • There are compartments inside where you can store a variety of items.


  • Installing the product is not easy; you will need a professional to put it together.
  • Some users have complained about the overall product quality, including the wood being dump on purchase.

Factors to consider when purchasing wall mounting ironing boards

If at all you are going to have good-quality ironwork, then it is crucial for you to have the right surface on which to iron. This is what ultimately determines whether the wrinkles on your clothes persist or whether they will be ironed out completely.

You ought to always ensure that you have the ideal surface. Lately, many people are moving away from traditional ironing boards. This is because they are large, and end up consuming a lot of our room space. The best solution would have a wall-mounted board.

How then do you proceed to select the best product? It is certainly not easy. You will be required to exercise a great deal of caution if at all, you are going to make the right decision. The fact that there are several products in the market makes choosing the best commodity even harder.

You can easily isolate the best product in the market by discriminating against the products based on a select group of characteristics. We have found that, after a great deal of research, your 'ideal' product should be selected based on the following list of characteristics:


Before you can settle on a product, be sure to consider its size. The size of the board you choose to purchase will be determined by the size of your room. If you do not have a lot of space, it would be counterintuitive to select large boards.

The compactness of the design ultimately determines the storage space that these boards consume. You might find that, though the product is large, it consumes very little storage space. It would be wise to select such kinds of boards.

Wide boards will make ironing easier, as opposed to small boards, have this in mind when making your selection.


The reason why many people opt for mounted ironing boards today has got to do with saving space. Selecting a board that has got compartments makes even more sense, as it will not only save space, it creates additional storage units for you to place important items.

Be sure to select a product that has compartments as this will also make it convenient for you to store all the necessities that you require to iron, or even items such as detergents and hangers if you decide to install the item in your laundry room.


When we talk about utility, we are referring to the range of uses that you will be getting with the purchase of each product. The item that you purchase should be much more than just an ironing board. It could have other uses such as extra storage compartments and mirrors, among others.

If indeed, you desire to have extra space, it will be advisable that you purchase a product that gives you a lot of utility. It is also ideal as it will maximize the value for money that you will be getting with the purchase.


You must always choose a product that is easy for you to install. You will find quite a number of products in the market are easy to put together, the instructions are quite simple, and you can do it all by yourself or with a friend.

Not all the products are easy to install. There are some that you will need to have professional assistance in order to put together successfully. You will end up incurring set up costs in this case. This is why the product you select should have an elementary installation process.


Just like with any commodity in the market, the price of the mounted ironing board that you want to buy should influence your selection. This means that you have to maximize the value for money that you will be getting with your purchase.

The cost of the item should be a fair reflection of its quality. You can also maximize the value of your money by getting a product that has got a lot of utility. Be sure to spend within the limits of your budget. Ensure that the item is going to be worth every penny.

The ironing surface

This is the factor that ultimately determines whether or not the item that you have purchased is going to be good or not. The surface of the board should be broad enough to make the ironing process easy.

The material covering the surface should be thick and of good quality. It should offer high resistance to heat, as this will ensure that it is durable. The item that you have chosen to purchase should offer you great thermal dispersion for good quality ironwork.

Be very selective on the type of ironing surface.


The product that you have the ability to move in all angles along the vertical plane. This will ensure that you iron your clothes smoothly as you will have the ability to easily vary the ironing angle and also adjust the clothes appropriately.

A surface that can move along the vertical plane will make it easy for both right-handed and left-handed people to use the device.

Lock in mechanism

For the purpose of ensuring your own safety, it is advisable that you select an item that has got a lock-in mechanism. This will secure the board in place and prevent you and others from inadvertently being knocked as a result of the board swinging downward.

It also makes it safe to have when children are in the house, even when they are playing around the board, it will not easily be dislodged.

The sturdiness of the board

Ensure that the board you are selecting has been made out of tough and highly durable materials. This will make it appropriate for heavy-duty ironing. The level of sturdiness also has an impact on the durability of a commodity.

Be sure to avoid products with flimsy mechanisms and those made with poor quality materials as you will not be of service to you for long.


There is a direct correlation between the quality of ironwork that you get and the surface that you used when ironing. You must have the ideal surface for professional-quality ironwork. This makes it important for you to select the right product.

Selecting the right product can be quite a mundane and tenuous process. This is because the number of commodities in the market has increased exponentially in recent times, as more and more people are becoming keen on saving space. The supply of mounted iron boards has never been higher.

These kinds of boards are compact and flexible, they consume significantly less space than regular iron boards, and this makes them an excellent choice if you happen to be living in a small room, or need to free up some space for additional items.

It is our hope that after reading this piece, you have been able to identify the best product, based on the ones we recommended, and also after looking through the factors to consider when making your purchase.

We understand that selection can be difficult, and this is why we recommend that you try the product from Household essentials. It simply has everything that you could be looking for in a wall-mounted ironing board, including maneuverability and excellent heat dispersion on the surface.
I would advise you to get this product today.

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