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Our living room areas, especially the ones with larger spaces, often if not always, feel quite off without a television set. It may almost feel as if something is missing. And that’s totally understandable! The living room is the basically the heart of the house, and with seats set up and all, there is always much more room left vacant.

Room to be filled with entertainment and life. What better way than to install a television right in the center? But you may wonder; why the center? Well, for everyone to see! If you’re going to install an entertainment box right in the heart of the house, then you may as well station it at a central point.

We at times want to do everything on our own, hoping to do them right. But when it comes to handling electronics, it is best when delicate matters are entrusted on accessories, such as an important one for your TV and not only that.

It is important also that you get something which can serve multiple purposes within the space it is allocated. This way, you’ll be saving more on space and reaping more on results. Have you thought of getting yourself a TV cabinet? Or do you own one already?

A TV cabinet is not only the best way to mount your television to a central point for a more immersive experience when tuning on but also comes quite handy with keeping a few extra things close, like your home theatre and speakers.

What about a wall mounted television cabinet? Yes, you perhaps didn’t see the need for this before, but what about we talk about it a little? A wall mounted cabinet will ensure your TV set remains more stable. It’s also a good idea to have your TV in one immovable point that satisfies everyone.

Are you shopping for a wall mounted television cabinet? Then the market may get confusing sometimes! That’s why I prepared this article; to help you choose from the top available options out there. Why then don’t we start by looking at our first five?

Best Wall Mounted TV Cabinet List



Are you looking to leave your living room area looking neat at all times? Then this product may serve you right! If you also have kids (who as we know may get cheeky at times), then you should also consider having a quick look at the Nantucket. What is it about it that you may find interesting?

The cabinetry doors! It comes with a pair of two-fold cabinetry doors, which you can close whenever you want the television to remain off and hidden. Guess what? This also leaves your living room with some touch of elegance.

You will also love its shutter panels, which are on either door. The cabinet comes in a nice white finish for its wood veneer and ply wood. Below the cabinet is ample space on which you can arrange a few items to complete the touch.


  • Short assembling time
  • Two-fold cabinetry doors
  • Shutter panels


  • May require additional work, thus more costs



Do you like art? Then you will sure love this TV cabinet. Besides being wall mounted, it allows you to insert your favorite piece of artwork. Isn’t this amazing! Anything withing the dimensions 24” x 36” and even a little slighter, will perfectly on the cabinet.

Do you have a print in mind or a poster you’d like to insert? Well, you can! What’s more is that you don’t need any tools or much expertise to change how your art or print appears.

The cabinet measures 24” x 34” x 7” on the interior, and 5/8” x 37 5/8” x 8”. It has a picture frame which measures 26” x 38” x 1”. If you have a television set on articulating stands and full motion, measuring 39”, then it should perfectly fit in.

You will love this cabinet’s solid pine build, with solid ash for the picture frame.


  • Converts the TV to art
  • Delivers neatness by keeping cables and electronics concealed from sight
  • You can also insert posters and even prints


  • Expect limited height and viewing angle



If you have a deeper attraction to style, then you shouldn’t have a problem developing a quick interest on this cabinet. What is there about it that you may want to know? Let’s have a look! First, its design makes it not only an elegant cabinet to own, but also gives you guarantee of giving your living room area a nice touch.

Are you, therefore, living in a flat or studio apartment? Then this is an excellent piece for you. If you own a contemporary living room or just want to leave it looking flawless, then you shouldn’t shy from getting this product either. It’s also amazing for your audio-visual furniture.

It has an LED alternative, which as you may have already guessed, will pump up more satisfaction to your experience. To top all this, is the cabinet’s floating design, which is perhaps the first thing your visitors will notice, and the one thing nobody will stop looking at. It’s beautiful.


  • Floating design
  • Glass doors for LED lighting
  • Lovely door boards and matte surface


  • You may find it heavy, at 23 kgs.


EZY-B Concealed

Remember the EZY-B cabinet previously discussed? Well, the first thing you may like about this particular design, is how it’s able to accommodate television sets of up to 55”, with articulating stands and complete motion. The previous design could manage merely 39”.

What is there about this TV cabinet that you should not let slip through you? You will love how neat it can leave your living room, since you can simply tuck in all cables and electronics so that they’re not lying around.

The first thing that you and anyone else will notice, however, is the art which you can insert on the TV cabinet. Amazing, right? Well, if your ideas stretch a little on to prints and even posters, then why not have your fun! Get this product today.


  • Tucks cables and electronics away
  • Fits a set of up to 55”
  • Converts the TV to art


  • You may not find the artwork durable



Are you looking for a cabinet that will serve its full purposes before doubling up as a TV stand? Then you found your piece! You will love this product’s barn doors, which serve cabinetry purposes, and at the same time, your TV can comfortably sit atop its accommodating design.

Besides offering you with sufficient storage, you will also find the storages to be dust-free and pretty easy to clean. This cabinet has a beautiful design which you’re sure to love, and what’s more is that it comes with decorations and allows you to add your own.

You should expect it to last you long enough, with its high-quality steel. Its thorough instructional manual makes installing and using this cabinet not only easy, but fun as well, by providing easy and adequate reference.


  • Thorough/complete instructional/reference manual
  • Durable
  • Sufficient storage


  • The price isn’t inclusive of taxes or duties

Are you shopping for a wall mounted TV cabinet? I understand how it feels, having to start from scratch, especially when you don’t know much about TV cabinets. What do you know about them? That is definitely a starting point.

A majority of people who use TV cabinets do not really understand all the features they come with, or if at all there is much difference between the products. If you’re one of these people, then don’t worry. Before settling on my now-permanent piece, it took some time, scanning through available options.

It’s important to understand what you’re using, and know anything you can about it. In the case of TV cabinets, there are plenty of types that you may want to know about. Each type may differ from the other because of something little; perhaps materials used in making it, or the number or designs of cabinetry doors.

Some cabinets are also more suited for contemporary establishments, while others can be modified to your specifications and/or interests/needs. Why don’t we have a look at some of these cabinets in better detail?

I always advise that you begin and end with your preference. What you’re looking for, what you need and what will work for you are inextricably intertwined and will always beat any other factors that may be worth considering. You’ll even realize that most things to watch out first begin with your preference.

But how do you establish a preference? Do you like art? If so, then you’re in luck! Imagine having a wall mounted cabinet which you can insert your art! It not only leaves your house looking beautiful, but is also something unique that you may want to try out.

There are wall mounted TV cabinets that come with the possibility to insert artwork, prints and even posters. Housing television sets from 39” to 55”, you’ll be sure to have an amazing time using these cabinets, with enough space to keep your cables and electronics inside.

Are you a minimalist? Or are do you just like to keep everything well-kept and locked away? Then you may like cabinets which have double doors for keeping your television locked in. If you have or live with kids, then you can be guaranteed to find everything as you left it, and your house pretty neater.

What most people like about cabinets with doors is how they provide some extra space for keeping other things, thus leaving your living room in order and looking pretty elegant.

Talking about wall mounted cabinets with double doors, you should consider also getting a cabinet which has more storage spaces, and doubles up as a stand. Such a cabinet will not only allow you to keep more of your things in and locked, but will also give you enough room to place your television.

Do you like stylish cabinets? For different reasons, we may be looking for something beautiful and yet, flawless. Well, there is always something for your preference, as earlier pointed out. If you’re looking for something stylish, then you should get a floating cabinet, designed for contemporary establishments.

What should you expect with such a design? Of course, it will look amazing in your flat, or studio apartment. With its glass doors, and some coming along with LED lights, you can bag the guarantee of using one of the market’s top-notch designs available.

The above mentioned are just some of the wall mounted tv cabinets that you should expect to come across in the market. With them, are some of the factors that you could watch out for, while keeping your preference(s) in mind.

Why don’t we then, have a quick look at a few more things that may help when choosing the best of these cabinets?

Assembly time

The assembly time of your television cabinet is quite an important consideration that you should make. Consider a situation where you’re alone, having to install a 20+ kgs of television cabinet. Don’t you think it may get a little difficult for you at some point?

Some installations can also get complicated, depending on how complex the design of your television cabinet is. If you’re using a contemporary design, then expect some complexities with certain parts, and perhaps, a few more delicate parts too, that will require your care.

Before purchasing a television cabinet, therefore, it is important that you consider how long it’s going to take you to assemble its parts. Some TV cabinets, actually, do not require much installation, save for the mounting. These are more preferable, but again, at times, a little extra will do at a little extra cost.
It’s not advisable to go for a complex system, because installing it or assembling its parts may require that you get some more professional help. This may in turn dig into your budget, which may not be preferable, if you’ve been working on a tight one.


You should also consider how durable the tv cabinet you have in mind could be. This may never be indicated anywhere, but you can have a look at the materials used to design and/or make the system(s).
Since you’re paying for this, you wouldn’t want to get a system which will cause issues along the way. A television cabinet, especially a wall-mounted one, should be among the things you intend to purchase only once. If that is so, then getting a quality brand is quite critical.

How do you land on the best product that will assure you durability? Have a look at the features that the products have. It’s a good idea to get yourself well-versed with the available materials in the market, and the most common ones used in making tv cabinets.

Apart from the materials, some trusted brands just need a good word, and you’ll be good to go. Therefore, find out what other people are saying about these products and materials used in their manufacture. Not sure what information is there about them? Then a quick research won’t hurt!

There is absolutely no hurry where you intend to spend your money. Therefore, take your time to ensure that you have the best product with you. Make sure that every dollar you spend is worth it, and you never have to regret such decisions.

Why don’t we wrap all this up in a few words? The best wall mounted cabinet for your television set is somewhere out there, awaiting your purchase. Finding it, however, is not as easy. There is so much along the way that when you have a look at, may give you an easier time.

Yes, time. We all want to spend as little time as possible looking for the products we love, and as little money as possible purchasing them, while getting the most out of them. We want this in the easiest way possible that doesn’t strain any involved parties too much.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a wall mounted cabinet for your TV, then you should consider among the available products in the market, the five that we’ve discussed. Why don’t you also check back at the features and factors discussed?

Bottom Line

I cannot imagine how my living room looked before mounting a television cabinet. Well, I do have a clear picture, but do not really want to go back there, because having one has transformed my experience enough.

Choosing the best TV cabinet is not going to be easy, because of the available brands and the features that they’re all providing. I would, however, recommend that you get the Nantucket cabinet. Here is why.

It comes with a pair of two-fold cabinetry doors, which you can close whenever you want the television to remain off and hidden. Guess what? This also leaves your living room with some touch of elegance.

You will also love its shutter panels, which are on either door. The cabinet comes in a nice white finish for its wood veneer and ply wood. Below the cabinet is ample space on which you can arrange a few items to complete the touch.

Why don’t you get the Nantucket TV cabinet today!

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